Mori Motonari, born in April 16, 1947 was considered one of the most formidable daimyo of the Sengoku Period. Under his rule, the Motonari clan managed to maintain its independence by virtue of his cunning and his clever diplomatic alliances with the neighboring Amago and Ouchi clans. However, once betrayals and chronic back-stabbing became the norm among all daimyo, Mori Motonari saw the need of warfare to keep his clan safe. During the Battle of Miyajima in 1555, Mori annihilated the remains of the Ouchi clan following their civil war. Only two years later, Mori managed to do the same thing with the Amago clan while fighting off a several wars with the Otomo, Iwami, and Izumo regions in Kyushu. Following his death in 1571, the Motonari clan reigned over a significant portion of Japanese territory.

When the three of you unite your strength, it will be hard for your enemies to defeat you

Apart from being considered a cunning strategist, Mori was also quite fond of poems and the arts. He is most famously known for teaching his three children (Takamoto, Motoharu, and Takakage) the ‘three arrows’ philosophy of unity. After he had given them a piece of arrow for each, he ordered them to break the arrows, and they did it without any difficulties. Afterwards, he gave three pieces of arrows to each child but they were unable to break the three arrows. Motonari then said, "Although a single arrow is easily breakable, three arrows together are hard to break at the same time. When the three of you unite your strength, it will be hard for your enemies to defeat you." Mori Motonari’s accomplishments are so influential that even current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has used the “three arrows” philosophy to convey his political and economic reforms. He can be found in Sengoku Basara’s gaming franchise, in addition to being represented as the Greenleaf Kingdom warlord in Pokemon Conquest.