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My name is Jim Austin. My wife and I reside in a small mountain community in Saga-ken, Japan. We are the official international distributors for the Samurai Age brand of Japanese samurai soft armor reproductions and related products. (kabuto helmets, sake bottle covers, pet, adult and kids armor). Now, through our site, these fascinating products are available to purchase for eager fans worldwide.

All of the Samurai Age products are themed around the Sengoku or the “Warring States Period” of Japanese history, 1467 – 1600. It was a chaotic time of feuding feudal military shoguns (samurai) that controlled and fought for control over their respective shogunates (kingdoms). These warlords became well-known mythical heroes in Japanese folklore-history.

Read more about the fascinating Sengoku Period:

The Sengaku Period folklore is well established in many of today's popular anime, manga, and games with the same characters as found in the historical accounts. 

For example...

Ieyasu Tokugawa first appeared in the Samurai Warriors game series in which he was a non-playable unique character. He became a playable character in Samurai Warriors 2:

In manga there is Sengoku Ittouki, a manga series first established in 2002 and carried forward:

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