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Samurai Warriors
Samurai Warriors
Samurai Age
Loyalty, Obedience & Valuing Honor Above Life

Kabuto Helmets Premium

Kabuto Shogun Samurai Warrior Premium Helmets
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Pet Armor

Today’s samurai warriors need protection & help from their trusted and fearless pet companions. These best friends possess boundless devotion and are blessed with the unstoppable will to safeguard their masters' well-being. Most cats & dogs really love the attention that their Samurai Age armor gives them (and, a few don’t). And, loyalty isn’t just one way… you respect them too and you talk to your animal like you would a person because they understand you, right?

Samurai Bottle Covers

Protect your valuable sake/wine/whiskey against marauding friends with this ferocious looking samurai bottle cover ! Handmade in Fukuoka, Japan, Just like all of our products ! The Japanese Tourism Authority awarded Samurai Age the prestigious "Souvenir Grand Prix" in 2015" for these samurai sake/liquor/wine bottle covers. Now they are available worldwide, not just in Japan.
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